June 4, 2009

Summer time and sunshine!

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Well, it’s almost Summer…and hopefully it will start feeling it soon.  Spring was busy for all the Nouveau Girls – there seemed to be so much going on! 

Last month our meeting featured Drawing on Life – a presentation by local artist Sarah Quick.  Sarah lead us in a series of creative exercises to help us learn more about the right side our brains (the more creative side) and how to access it to benefit your life.   We had a great time and laughed a lot – mostly at our own drawing skills (or lack of skills in my case!!)   By the end of the night, Sarah had us drawing and I must say, the improvements were impressive.  Along the way there were some funny things said…

Nichole – “My Dad looks like he has plugs” ~ after reviewing the picture of her father she drew from memory – I don’t think he really has plugs…

Melanie – “I made you look like you have a beard” ~ after reviewing the picture of Emily she drew while Emily was sitting in front of her – Emily definitely does not have a beard!!

Ramona – “What’s the deal with the nudes??” ~ which quite frankly was something I think we all wanted to ask!!

Sarah – “Your Mom looks like William H. Macy” ~ I have no idea what that was in response to, but it was pretty funny to hear.

Thank you to everyone who came out, and to Sarah for providing such valuable information and a great evening!!

 That’s the “official” ending to the Nouveau year, but have too much fun to not see each other all summer so once again we’ll be hosting informal, social get togethers on local patios over the summer months.  June 17, July 15, and August 19. Locations and times will be emailed and posted here prior to the date – suggestions are always welcome.  This is a great chance to get to know us and enjoy the summer weather.  Regular meetings will resume in September – mark your calendars now!

It’s also Membership renewal time!!   Membership for the entire year is only $45 and includes free or discounted admission to Nouveau WI events, the FWIO newsletter, personal development opportunities and a chance to be a part of an amazing women’s organization!  Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done in the past:

  • Women in Leadership evening – 3 women leaders talked about their experiences and challenges in life and business.  Also included a wine tasting with the Wine Maker from 20 Bees Winery.
  • Dance Dance Party Party – Unlike typical fitness or workout classes, has no instructors, no fitness goals, and nothing to prove – just a chance to get together and dance!! 
  • Trade Secrets – Local experts shared their tips and hints on financial planning, home decor, auto maintenance and personal organization. 
  • Green Christmas – Environmentally friendly ways to celebrate the holidays – gift ideas, decorating and more!
  • Nouveau Resolutions – We kicked off the new year by visiting the Running Room and learning about health, staying active and the importance of proper footware for exercise.  
  • Drawing on Life – Local artist Sarah Quick lead a series of creative exercises to help us learn more about the right side our brains (the more creative side) and how to access it to benefit your life.
  • Networking/Social Nights – An evening to discuss what’s happening in your business, life and the world.  Chat, have fun and make some new friends!!
If you would like to join our Branch or renew your Membership, please let us know!!  You can email us at this address (nouveau_branch@yahoo.ca).    Be sure to invite any other women you think would be interested in joining the group – the more the merrier!!
See you soon!!

February 19, 2009

Happy WI Day

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In 1889, Adelaide Hoodless’s son John Harold died from drinking impure (unpasteurized) milk.  From that day forward, Adelaide made it her mission to educate women, especially mothers, about domestic education.  She truly was a woman with a vision, who worked tirelessly to help other women.  During her life she founded or helped found the Young Women Christian Association, The Victorian Order of Nurses, the National Council of Women, Macdonald Institute in Guelph, the School of Household Science at Macdonald College, Ste. Anne de Bellevue affiliated with McGill University, and the Women’s Institute.

It was February 19, 1897 when Adelaide Hoodless spoke at a townhall meeting in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  The women who attended were receptive to the idea that they too should be educated.  That night the Stoney Creek Women’s Institute was created – the very first Women’s Institute in the world.  Their goal – to raise the standard of homemaking.  The idea spread fairly quickly across the province of Ontario, Canada and then the world.  

Over the years, Women’s Institutes have played an important role in our communties.  Members have created and sent comfort boxes to soldiers in the past and continue to do so.  They lobbied so that art and music were added to the school curriculum and so that sex education could be taught in schools.  They fought for white lines on highways, stop signs at railway crossings, and more generous seam allowances on clothing (we all should thank them for that!!).  WI Members advocated on a number of issues including the right of women to vote and have equal political rights and equal pay for equal work or hours of labour for men and women (1951).

 Today, WI Branches across the province continue to fundraise for projects in their communities, cater various events, volunteer time for local actvities or organizations and of course act as champions for the Women’s Institute.  They support projects like Canada Comforts which sends toques, mitts, children’s clothes, blankets and teddy bears to children in the world that are less fortunate, projects through the Stephen Lewis Foundation in addition to countless local projects.     

More than 110 years have come and gone.  WI Members have done amazing things for our communities, families and for future women.  Many things have changed, but the need for women to support one another, to share experiences and skills and learn from one another still exists today. 

The Nouveau WI is a new WI Branch, our Members have not be involved for 20, or 30 years like many of the current WI Members but we are committed to an organization that has such a rich history…we’re paving the future, and we’re doing it in a way that will work for women today.  We’re excited about being a new generation of women’s institute Members. 

Drop us a line or come out to our next meeting to see what it’s all about….and today, be sure to thank a WI Member for all they have contributed to making our lives better.

Happy WI Day!!

January 9, 2009

New Year = New Start

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Pants feeling a little tight after Christmas? Need something to shake off the winter blues and rev up your energy level? Looking for ways to get involved in your community?  Check out our Nouveau Resolutions Night.

We all struggle with setting and keeping new year’s resolutions.  Support and advice can make all the difference.   For our January meeting, we’ll join Guelph Running Room staff for an inspirational, practical talk on running/walking your way to better fitness! Don’t let the chilly weather discourage you – learn how to train through all seasons.  Get connected to a great network of runners and walkers to help you reach your goals!

Join us at the Shakespeare Arms afterwards to toast another great year of the Nouveau Women’s Institute and find out what’s in store for 2009. 

Date: Wed., January 21, 2009

Meeting place:        Running Room
Unit 10, Hartsland Market Square East
160 Kortright Road, Guelph


7-8pm – Presentation and questions at the Running Room (with a little time for shopping if needed!)
8-9pm – Drinks and discussion at the Shakespeare Arms (35 Harvard Road)

For more information or to RSVP, contact us at: nouveau_branch@yahoo.ca

December 11, 2008

Festive Cheer

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Please join us for our informal get together on Wednesday, December 17 @ The Geen Room (above the Bookshelf Cafe, downtown Guelph) between 7 – 9pm.
This is a social meeting with a chance to reconnect with WI friends, enjoy a festive beverage and hear some great tips on “Green Gifts” just in time for any last minute shopping you may have. We hope you can join us!
We’ll resume our regular monthly meetings in the new year, starting with January 21 – Nouveau Resolutions. Mark the date in your calendars now and stay tuned for more information.
Membership to the Nouveau WI makes a unique holiday gift! 
We’re all about empowering women, sharing experiences and learning from one another – but we need to have fun while doing it. We’re all busy, so we take a couple hours each month to do something for ourselves.

guest speakers

social events

educational ops

networking and more!

 Plus Members receive free or discounted admission to our events!

The 2008-09 Membership fee is $45 (about $5 a month). If you’d like to join our Branch, please email us and we’ll be in touch.


Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

September 29, 2008

Nouveau is back…and better than ever!

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We’re ba-ack!!
Shhhh, don’t tell but we’re kicking off the year with an exciting event called Trade Secrets. Join us at the Italian Canadian Club Guelph (135 Ferguson Street) on Wednesday, October 22 to gather precious intelligence from women just like you. These gals – special agents in the areas of personal organization, financial planning, interior decorating and auto mechanics – are prepared to share all sorts of classified information, in an effort to make the lives of women everywhere easier! There is also an opportunity for you to share your own trade secrets – so be sure to let us know if you have something to show or tell!  Check out the coming events section of this site for more details. Nouveau Branch Members get FREE Admission to this event!!


Speaking of the events calendar, we will continue to meet on Wednesday evenings throughout the year – please mark the following dates in your calendar. More details about each meeting will be added – check back often to get the latest news!  

* October 22 – Trade Secrets

* November 19 – Green Goddesses – Easy ways to bring organic and natural living into your every day routine.

* December 17 – Christmas Swap – The count down is on! Sip festive drinks and get last minute gift ideas.

* January 21 – Nouveau Resolutions – Stay on track with your New Years resolution – healthy, easy cooking night.

* February 18 – Amazing Women – celebrating WI Day!

* March 18 – Night with the Arts – Explore your inner child and create a personal master piece.

* April 22 – Cycling Solutions – Get your bicycle back in gear with a basic bike ‘how-to’

* May 20 – Trade Secrets – Get ready for Summer!


Be a part of the cool kids…and by that we mean, join the Nouveau Women’s Institute!!

We’re all about empowering women, sharing experiences and learning from one another – but we need to have fun while doing it. We’re all busy, so we take a couple hours each month to do something for ourselves.

guest speakers

social events

educational ops

networking and more!

Plus Members receive free or discounted admission to our events!

The 2008-09 Membership fee is $45 (about $5 a month). If you’d like to join our Branch, please email us and we’ll be in touch.

Hope to see you October 22!



July 16, 2008

Girls just want to have fun!

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It’s true…we do just want to have fun!  In fact, we’re so busy having fun that we don’t have time to write a proper entry – here’s a quick update on what’s happening with us!

1.  Meetings & Fall Calendar

We meet the third Wednesday of each month (except this month – there is no meeting tomorrow night).   We will continue with our regular meeting schedule in the fall – stay tuned for a handy calendar with all our events and activities.  Meetings typically last about 2 hours.

 2.  GIRL POWER – Dance Dance Party Party

August 11 is the date for our next DDPP and it’s all about the girl power!  Bring your mom, daughter, sister, best friend or all of them and get ready to have some fun.  We start dancing at 7:30pm and finish by 9pm.  Wear your comfie clothes, and bring some water – you will sweat.  Don’t worry if you can’t dance – we don’t judge!  Check out all the details at www.ddppguelph.wordpress.com.

 3.  Your ideas welcome

Heard about a cool new activity you want to try?  Trying to make a change in the community?  Have a great idea about an event or speaker?  Let us know!   We’re always looking for great ideas that will be entertaining, educational and empowering to women.

 4.  There’s always room for…Y-O-U!!  

Membership is just $45 for the entire year or $3.75 a month!   Members get great discounts on Branch events and activities – to learn all about the benefits of Membership or to join our Branch today, simply email us!

July 2, 2008

Happy back to work day!

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After a nice, extended long weekend (I was off Friday – Tuesday) it’s back to work…and all I have to say about that is BLUGH!  It’s so hard going back to work after you’ve been relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. 

We had our Kickin’ it with the Girls Night at Shakie’s last Wednesday…what a wild bunch we are.  OK SERIOUSLY…there were only a few of us who were able to make it – but we shared some cocktails, some quality chat/vent/bitch time and most of all lots of laughs.  Oh ya, and nachos – we shared nachos.  They were delish!  Plus we got to meet Olya – she’s too cute (even if she is trying to get me to participate in a personal training session with her. I mulled it over while munching on the nachos and sipping vodka and diet coke).  She’s a bundle of energy and has some great ideas for possible meetings in the fall! 

So, I went to an Epicure Party last week (if you’re thinking “what the hell is Epicure?” which is exactly what I was thinking when my friend Laurie invited me, check it out here).  Anyway, there were a ton of really fun gals there so naturally I invited them to hang out where ALL the cool girls chill on the first Monday of the month – DANCE DANCE PARTY PARTY.   This is my “official” HOLLA for all the cray-zeee ladies at Agricorp – you know who you are…and we can’t wait to have you guys at DDPP next week. 

In honour of the heat, humidity and sunshine, our theme for this month is Sounds of Summer.  Be sure to send your requests to us at ddppguelph@yahoo.ca.

Don’t forget our next Kickin’ it with the Girls will be Wednesday, July 16 (back to our regularly scheduled meeting dates – the 3rd Wednesday of each month).

See ya soon!

June 17, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

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Slow day at the office =’s time to drop in and say Happy Tuesday!

I’m in a VERY good mood today…for no good reason really.  I’m just sitting here, listening to the radio and chair dancing.  (not like using a proper chair dancing technique but more like in a spastic, feeing the music but no rythym or actual skill kinda way).  

I hope everyone remembers that next week is our Kickin’ it with the Girls night at Shakie’s (Shakespeare Arms).  I’m hoping it stays nice because I have been waiting for a good patio drinks day.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some beautiful summer days…but for whatever reason my patio usage has been lower than normal this year.  I did avoid the patios on the HOT HOT HOT days…you know the really gross humid days where you sweat and you haven’t even done anything, but there has been plenty of other days I could have taken advantage.  Actually, as I type this I am starting to get more and more worried…what if I am in a “slump”?  Could it be medical – anti-patio-itis? This just isn’t right…I’m going to self-diagnose via the Internet and see what I can find.

Have a good one!

June 3, 2008

Kickin’ it with the girls

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Now that warm weather is FINALLY on the horizon, we thought to ourselves (and each other)

“What better way to celebrate summer than on a patio with our Nouveau friends??”

And thus…our next get together was planned.  We’re going to be kickin’ it with the girls for this month’s meeting at Skakespeare Arms (see all the details in the coming events section).  So this afternoon, hard at work in my office, I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve come up with a few reasons why this is a good idea:

Reason #1 – Hello Hump Day.  Who doesn’t need a mid-week break?  With two days to go before the weekend, it’s a great night to relax, take a load off and have a bit of fun.

Reason #2 – Rays.  For a pale gal like myself, any chance to soak up the sun and vitamin D is reason enough.

Reason #3 – Nouveau WI Baby…everything you ever wanted to know about this extremely cool women’s organization but were too afraid to ask – all in a non-threatening, no pressure, fun envinronment.

Reason #4 – HUBBA HUBBA…have you seen the bartender?

Reason #5 – Last time I was there, I had THE BEST…chicken wrap.  It was so good I’ve been dreaming about it since.  I can’t wait…no pressure kitchen staff, but this chicken wrap is playing a HUGE part in me kickin’ it with the girls this month.  (ok this reason may not appeal to everyone…but I’ just saying…that is some good chicken).

If you want more info, you know where to reach us (uh…in the contact us section…just in case!!)

April 11, 2008

Here’s the scoop…

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Nouveau Women’s Institute…a new place for women in Guelph!  We’re all about empowering women, sharing experiences and learning from one another – but we need to have fun while doing it!

Connections/networking – Whether you are searching for a new job or need to find a rockin’ band for your wedding, this is your chance to meet awesome women in your own community.  Plus, it’s a great place to promote your talent and skills with the rest of us.

Health & Well being – Worklife balance, dealing with stress, fitness and nutrition plus much more – we’re all busy, but we know it’s important to take time for ourselves. 

Education – Swapping skills, exchanging ideas, guest speakers,  – you’ll learn a little something at each meeting.  Have a burning desire to learn about something?  Suggest it as a topic for an upcoming meeting.

Fundraising/volunteering – Passionate about a community issue or cause?  There’s strength in numbers!  We’re committed to giving back to our community and making a difference.

See what it’s all about at our next meeting – check out our event calendar on the right. 

For more information or to join today, drop us a line.